Year End Tips/Reminders

Year End Tips/Reminders

Since we have been in the planning mode ourselves, we thought it might be helpful to put together a list of some things that you might want to do before the year comes to a close. Some of these may not apply right now, but they could also be things that you schedule for next year. Hope you find this list useful. Oh, and if you need a great referral to help you with any of these, don’t hesitate to ask us! We have a lot of great people in our “family”.

  1. Taxes – It’s always a good idea to look for tax savings ideas to implement before year-end. Talk or meet with your CPA.
  2. Stocks / Mutual Funds – The stock market has done well this year, so consider re-balancing your portfolio. If you have a financial planner, make the call.
  3. Reevaluate your 401(k) Contributions – can you afford a little bit more next year? Make the change. Have you taken full advantage this year? There is still time to contribute.
  4. Credit – Once per year, it’s always a great idea to pull a copy of your report to make sure there is nothing suspicious showing up. If so, take steps to clear it up ASAP.
  5. Estate Plan/ Will – Do you have one? If not, it should be on everybody’s list. Statistics show that 50% of Americans die without one.
  6. Physical – Have you been procrastinating? Go ahead and set your appointment now.
  7. Dentist / Vision Checkups – Ditto…. appointments can take months to schedule.
  8. Gratitude List – A year is a long time and reflecting on what we are truly grateful for can bring clarity.
  9. Achievements – Similar to the gratitude list, take time to acknowledge what you achieved this year. We’re not necessarily talking huge accomplishments; take time to celebrate the little things.
  10. Intentions – What do you want to achieve next year? Writing it down helps make it reality.
  11. Action Plan – once you identify your goals for the year, set a specific action plan for each one.
  12. Declutter – target at least one area of your home/life. Could be your closet or even toxic friends!
  13. Drain your Flexible Savings Account – unused funds will be lost, you have many options you may not realize. For example; contact lens solution, dance lessons, health club dues, acupuncture, get the idea?
  14. Charity – if you itemize and you are charitable, do so before year end to get the tax benefit.
  15. Home Inspection – Do-it-yourself or hire a professional; it’s always a great idea to make sure you are proactive as it relates to your home maintenance. We personally believe that every 10 years you should hire an inspector and then take their recommendations to heart.
  16. For some simple things you should do around the house on a regular basis consider this: clean your gutters, change your air filters, clean your dryer vent, inspect and replace caulking, clean the chimney, inspect the furnace and air conditioner, wash the patio, pressure wash the exterior walls, and last but not least… clean the garage or basement.

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