Renting While Saving for a House:

…..The Catch 22

Here’s the Situation: You think you don’t have enough money saved to purchase a home, so you’re renting for a few more months… or even years.

But here’s the Problem: The cost to rent is steadily increasing; however renter’s total income is not. In turn, a higher percentage of income goes towards rent and ...

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Home Down Payment Options

If you believe that you need a good chunk of change to purchase a home, your not alone. The vast majority of first time home buyers have little money to work with and consequently do not believe they are in a position to buy a home. Either that, or credit issues prevent you from investigating the possibilities. But times have changed.

A standard conventional loan will always require that the buyer contribute a ...

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Do I Need a Large Down Payment?

This is probably the biggest misconception. While it used to be true that you needed a large down payment, this is no longer the case. In the mortgage industry, there’s always a great new product just around the corner that benefits the consumer.  The latest of these to surface is the “zero down” mortgage. This mortgage seems to suit two decidedly different types of borrowers:

Let’s take a look at them individually:

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