Your Atlanta Renovation Loan Guide

Your Atlanta Renovation Loan Guide

For a long time the real estate market was saturated with foreclosures. In fact, according to one expert, 60% of real estate sales in recent years have been through foreclosures and short sales. Over time, most of them have cleared out and the ones that still remain are in conditions that most buyers think they don’t have the money to fix.

Enter the renovation loan. In many ways, purchasing a home with a Continue Reading →

Bridge Financing

Sometimes, either by choice or for reasons out of your control, you find yourself trying to buy a new house before you sell the one you are living in.

This poses two potential challenges; 1) Can you qualify for both home loans? and 2) what is the source of the down payment for the new home loan? Let’s take them one at a time. Qualifying for two mortgage payments can be a challenge but in recent years has become more commonplace.  ...

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