Child Identity Theft

So, you’re concerned about identity theft for yourself, but have you ever thought about your child being a victim? Last year alone, more than 1 million children under the age of 18 were targets. Unfortunately, 60% of the time, child victims new their perpetrators whether that be a parent or guardian, other family member or a friend of the family. In these cases, it’s almost impossible to stop because they have access to their personal information. They are easy targets because nobody thinks to monitor their credit file. The most common type of fraud is when someone uses that identity to open a new account in your child’s name.

The best way to protect your child, is to place a security freeze on their credit report. In 33 states, a parent or legal guardian of a minor can place a security freeze on the child’s credit report, including Georgia. Also, look for warning signs of a problem. If your child starts getting mail that is suspicious, they may have been a target. For example, credit card bills, jury summons, driver’s license renewal, collection calls or notices or pre-approved credit card offers…. Make sure you follow up on them right away and find out what’s going on.

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