Capitol Peak – The Culmination of a 13 Year Adventure

Capitol is considered the hardest 14,000-foot ascent in Colorado for a reason. Most climbers do it in 2 days because it begins with a six-mile hike to the pristine Capitol Lake at 11,600 feet. From there the fun begins. Below is a picture of me just starting the hike from the trailhead. Behind me is the ominous Capitol Peak, the final destination!

cap 1

I began the ascent with my mountain guide, Nick, ...

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PYRAMID … 14’er No. 56!!

Aspen, Colorado was the approximate location of the last two 14,000 mountains I would be climbing to reach my goal of summiting all 57 that the State has to offer. I saved the two most difficult for the end, thinking that my vast experience would give me an edge. As I discovered, they were not as difficult as they were terrifying…but that revelation came later.
First of the last two was Pyramid Peak located in the Elk Range. We headed ...

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Apprehensive About Little Bear

I had read all about it and looked at too many pictures to count… and now here I was with it looming straight in front of me. Little Bear…. a 14,000 ft peak (14’er) rated among the 3 hardest in the State of Colorado. If you have followed my 14’er adventure for the past 13 years, you know that I set a goal when I turned 40 to climb all 58 in Colorado. As of this writing, I have successfully ...

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Scott's Perspective: Challenge Yourself!

If you’ve known me very long, you know that I am an avid outdoorsman, spending most of my vacations climbing mountains in the summer and snow skiing in the winter. This year I decided to try a sport that combines the two, so last month I traveled —by plane, train, bus and helicopter— into the mountains of British Columbia to engage in some back country skiing.
This was not one of those typical downhill ski trips where you ...

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In the middle of June, I was able to climb 4 mountains in 4 days with a friend of mine, John Dameron from here in Atlanta. These peaks were located down near Telluride, CO in the southwest part of the State and 3 of them were part of what is called the Wilson Group. In fact, Wilson Peak which we climbed the first day, is best known for being the mountain that graces the Coors beer can.

That brought my total ...

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