What to Offer on a Home?

Purchasing a home can be the most major financial event in your life. Given that, you want to ensure you are doing everything you can to avoid overpaying for your dream home. It’s not that difficult, but unfortunately you do not have a long time to decide. What is the best price to offer that maximizes your value while, at the same time, makes a fair offer ...

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7 Ways to Sabotage Your Offer

When you find a house you love and are ready to make an offer to the seller, the ideal situation would be for the first offer to be accepted. This can be a challenge when there are multiple offers so it is a good idea to present the best, cleanest offer you can without doing anything to sabotage yourself in the process.
Although ...

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Top Reasons a House is More Than an Investment

Purchasing a home can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful transactions folks will ever be a part of. Outside of the obvious reasons for owing a home (shelter from the elements, more space for a growing family, shortened commute to work/school/family, etc.) using your home for its investment aspects is especially attractive given current rates and market conditions. I ...

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Really Want A House You Toured?

….You Should Write A Letter To The Seller!

Buyers are getting frustrated with lower inventory levels & when they do FINALLY find a place to make an offer on, they find out there are other people doing the same.  Sound familiar? If you would like to dramatically increase the odds of the seller accepting your offer over ...

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Loan Approval vs. Loan Pre-Approval

Now that you have created your list of amenities you want in your new home, are you ready to start searching?  Well, not quite. You will need to know what price range you can afford. There are two ways to go about this: You can either get pre-qualified, or pre-approved for a mortgage. Whichever you choose, you will need to contact a dependable mortgage company. At Family Mortgage of Georgia, we offer fast, FREE pre-approvals.


You ...

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Debt to Income Ratios

There are two ratios that a lender will be interested in; 1) your housing ratio, also known as your “front end ratio,” and 2) your debt-to-income ratio, also known as your “back end ratio.”

The housing ratio is your gross monthly income (your income before taxes are deducted) divided by your total housing payment. Your total housing payment includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Your debt-to-income ratio is calculated the same as the housing ratio, except all revolving and installment debt is ...

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