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Rates change daily in Atlanta and around the country, learn how to use that rate information and why a custom quote is the only rate information you really need to know when shopping for a mortgage.
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Atlanta GA home buyers know the advantages of being a Certified HomeBuyer and you should too.  Learn why it’s the strongest approval available, possibly saving you thousand of dollars.
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In the world of personal finance, the Credit Score is King. Understanding your credit score is crucial to making the best decisions for your home mortgage and your financial future.
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Get the latest Georgia and Florida mortgage tips, news, and information on mortgages, including a few secrets and how-to information we’ve learned working on 3,500+ home loans over the past 15 years.

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What if I Wait?:  Buying a Home Next Year…

What if I Wait?: Buying a Home Next Year…

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Why to Sell This Spring: 5 Reasons

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Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home!!

Spring is a Great Time to Buy a Home!!

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